A Sports Nutrition Guide for Cyclists

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With the Tour de France taking place this week, we thought it was the perfect time to pedal into the world of cycling and explore the ideal sports nutrition for hitting the roads on your bike.

Nutrition plays an essential role in supporting all areas of your cycling, including training, weekly mileage, sportives, and recovery. From novice cyclers to major sportive competitors, pairing the correct nutritional intake to the individual requirements of each cycling scenario is key to you achieving optimal performance.

Sports Nutrition Break Down for Cyclists

Every athlete’s nutritional needs are different, but it’s the sport you do that has the biggest impact on your sports nutrition requirements.


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Whether you’re logging the miles out on the tracks, smashing the spin bike, or recovering after a long day in the saddle, providing your body with the correct nutritional fuel is key. As a cyclist, if you’re looking to stay hydrated, build endurance, or maintain energy for that next big ride, we’re on hand to help you fuel your foundation properly by exploring the ideal nutrition for cyclists.

What Nutrition Do Cyclists Need?


Carbohydrates are one of your prime sources of energy when training and are essential for providing your body with the right fuel to burn. You should focus on fuelling your body with high carbohydrate foods such as pasta, toast, bagels, rice, cereal, jam, and fruit, making sure that you’re allowing plenty of time for full digestion pre-ride to prevent any chances of gastrointestinal distress.

When out for a long ride, eating as you go is key, as your body can only store enough carbs for an intense riding session up to around 100 minutes. Fuelling should begin in the first hour of your cycle; if you start refuelling when you’re already tired, it may be too late.

For optimum fuel, it’s advised to take in around 30-70 g of carbohydrate per hour. It’s not one-size-fits-all, so experiment during your training to determine what works best for your body.

It’s best to get your carbs from a variety of sources, so try opting for a mix of easy-to-consume carbs such as bars, gels, and carbohydrate drinks.

To support your endurance out on the tracks, our Klean Endurance formula offers a clinically proven method to help restore energy during exercise. These orange-vanilla chewable D-Ribose tablets can be taken before, during, or after a workout.


Ideally, you need to be consuming 2-3 litres of fluids a day, regardless of exercise, and keeping your body hydrated is essential whatever kind of exercise you do, but optimum hydration is key when cycling.

You should always be fully hydrated before starting out on a long ride, and, like carb fuelling, you don’t want to wait until you’re thirsty to hydrate. You want to be drinking little and often from the beginning of your ride, and the amount you need to rehydrate and replace the loss of fluids will depend on how much you sweat.

Without proper hydration, whether you’re out for a long ride or competing in a race, you may be compromising your cycling ability. You could begin to notice an impact on your performance from even a 2-3% drop in body weight due to sweat loss.

Performing at your best through optimal hydration is simple with this great-tasting, naturally sweetened, and balanced hydration powder. Our Klean Hydration consists of 6% carbohydrates with additional minerals to support fluid and electrolyte replenishment before, during, and after exercise without slowing you down.


Cycling nutrition is often heavily focused on carbs, but protein is just as important. It’s key for promoting muscle growth, recovery and repair, whatever your sport. When it comes to endurance cycling, protein can be beneficial in maintenance of optimal weight and in aiding recovery.

Klean Isolate naturally contains the electrolytes sodium and potassium and provides you with essential amino acids for muscle-building, including branched-chain amino acids. This clean protein powder can be easily added to any beverage, smoothie, yoghurt, oatmeal to provide you with essential protein intake before during, or after a long ride.


Recovery is an optimal part of your cycling, and it can be very easy to overtrain as an endurance athlete. Intense racing can cause muscle damage, deplete muscle glycogen stores, and result in fluid loss, so it’s important to rest well between your rides, get plenty of sleep and provide the right nutrition.

You should focus on both carbohydrate and protein intake for recovery nutrition, to help repair muscle damage and replenish muscle glycogen, along with adequate fluids and electrolytes to aid rehydration.

Klean Athlete’s Klean Recovery provides a beneficial ratio of carbs to protein, to help support glycogen re-synthesis and muscle protein synthesis immediately after an intense cycle.

Our Klean Electrolytes are designed to replenish important minerals in your body before, during and after exercise. The loss of sodium, potassium, chloride, calcium and magnesium when training can lead to fatigue, dehydration and muscle cramps. With the easy-to-dose capsule form it makes it easy for you to customise the dosage to meet your specific training and performance needs.

Why Klean?


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A professional cyclist’s diet needs to keep their body fuelled for optimum performance, and Klean Athlete’s science-based, NSF Certified for Sport® sports nutrition supplements are designed with that in mind, containing everything you need, and nothing you don’t.

All our products have been certified by a vigorous third-party testing programme as being free from unsafe or banned substances, giving you peace of mind that all ingredients are clean and verified; sports nutrition you can put your trust in, designed to help you push the pedals and sprint to the finish.

How Pro Cyclists Use Klean Products

Professional cyclist Ashton Lambie is a proud member of the Klean Team of sponsored athletes, saying:

“I am a Klean Athlete because I think supplements are an important part of a rigorous training program, and it’s great to find companies that help athletes navigate the tricky world of ingredient lists.”

If our team of professional athletes can put their trust in Klean Athlete, so can you. Find out more about why you should choose NSF Certified for Sport® supplements to support your cycling regime:

What Does NSF Certified for Sport® Mean for Me?


What Does NSF Certified for Sport® Mean for Me?

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